What’s happening to the Blightfall-Alpha (Public) server?

As some of you may have noticed our Blightfall-Alpha server has been reset last night (19.08.2015 – 23:00 – CEST).

Why did we do that (again)?

We reset the alpha server again because of too much griefing / raiding in the last week. Basically everything that makes the Blightfall pack what it is was destroyed by some players. But we did not solely delete the world and restart the server! We did add our self programmed and highly custom mod that deals with the pod / Bio-Dome distribution and protection. This should help to prevent all that griefing / destroying and raiding. More info on that can be found here. But that’s not all: we also brought back the GriefPrevention plugin for every user, but now we stopped users form claiming the pods! This meas you can still claim stuff but not directly in the pods themselves. Keep in mind: This won’t make pods vulnerable because of our CoreClaim mod!

We hope that all these additions make playing on our public server more convinient and enjoyable for our players.

You got any question or want to give us some feedback? Feel free to do so via a support ticket.