What has been going on again?

Hello everyone,
Certainly, you noticed that there have been several severe technical issues in the past days.

Here is a short summary what happened:

First, all started with a routine server reboot for applying the newest security patches to our operating systems. Simultaneously we have done some Updates concerning the backend of our game servers.

And so all the trouble began ………

After the reboot of our root servers, everything seemed fine at first, apart from Teamspeak, which was fixed very fast after that.
Starting our Minecraft servers was no issue at first. But to make sure everything worked fine after the backend changes, we rebuilt some server containers which resulted in totally broken containers which meant Minecraft servers that we could not start and manage via our interface anymore.

Hours into debugging, following wrong traces and encountering problems that did not make any sense anymore we had no more clue what the issue could be.

After some hours of despair, we got in contact with Tactical Fish, the developer of our management interface for the Minecraft servers.

But he didn’t know either what the problem could be… at first.

Finally, after overall 12 hours of research and testing, we found a short line of text in the depths of the daemons code, that was changed by the latest update which broke everything.

As a result, a hotfix was published for the panel immediately.

Then at about 23:00 CET our servers got back up online… Finally!

In the meantime, there were a few problems with the reachability of our forum, but that has been fixed fast, we had to prioritize the rest of our service at first.

Because of all the reboots and tests, some Minecraft worlds were broken but we also fixed that as fast and good as possible. The only server that is still broken is the Craftmine server is still down, the issue here can only be resolved by the owner of that server, though, on whom’s answer we are currently waiting.

The Novus castor was not reachable till the next morning, but that was a simple fix too, just some DNS settings we changed in our tests to get some servers running on a different machine, without success, though.

At last, I will quote the commit message of the bugfix (written by Dane (Tactical Fish)):

8… hours… later… 

Out of memory. We wish to hold the whole sky, But we never will. Thanks to @ET-Bent for not murdering me when we found this.

So yeah, to summarize this: Big shoutout to Tactical Fish and his awesome Pterodactyl panel for helping us in times of trouble! Only with his help this issue could have been resolved and even though it took us long to figure this out, it only improved the panel even further.

auswahl_958Proudly sharing this awesome software

October Newsletter

Howdy everyone,

yup autumn has been approaching fast and here in Germany, leaves are already falling.
It has been quiet the past few weeks here. The cause of this is that I am currently really busy with university and work which does not leave much time communicating with you, the community. :/ (currently typing this in a quick break between lectures)

What has happened in the past weeks anyways?

Well, actually a lot again! We have been working in the background in getting our Minecraft servers on the new management panel which allows us generally a simpler way to manage our Minecraft servers. The new panel also improves crash detection (and auto reboot) + should result in a generally more stable service for you. (Let me know if things improved or gotten worse in the past few weeks).

We are also in the midst of patching some severe bugs on our servers (none that resulted in any breach but present a possible vulnerability which we want to patch before it becomes bad, luckily the open source community around Linux is continuously improving the kernels security). For this last point we have to reboot all our physical and virtual servers which is planned to happen at Saturday the 29th October 2016 (tomorrow) 08:00:00 CEST // 02:00:00 EDT // 06:00:00 UTC

What is upcoming?

  • Farmworld reset on all servers. Many people requested this by now and we will take action on this one.
  • Regular modpack updates to patch bugs and keep versions up to date (including working on the issues you already reported).
  • New modpacks (original ones by Unitedworldminers).
  • Tell me what else you expect us to provide for you!
  • In the meantime, have fun and enjoy your time :slight_smile:

Teamspeak server downtime

Current Downtime


Our TeamSpeak server had a downtime of about 7 hours today at 00:10 UTC because of our annual license renewal,
We started our maintenance at 6:30 UTC and got it back online at 7:00 UTC

We hope that everyone is able to join again.

If there are still problems with joining or the TS itself, please feel free to contact us over our forums or the contact form.


UWM goes Steam


Hello everyone,

next to our Facebook page, our Forum, a channel on Twitch and a Twitter account we now have another place to meet and communicate.

We created a Steam group everyone is invited to join:


We created this group to make it easier for you to play other games, apart from Minecraft, together with other players from the Unitedworldminers community.

Don’t forget to join the group after your first look!

PS: Follow us on Twitter @UWMOfficial to stay informed

New Minecraft Server coming soon™: PokeUnited

Hey there, Pokémon trainers!

We are very happy to announce that we are currently working on a new server:

It will be a Pixelmon server and we are creating a new, custom modpack for it as well.

„Ohh… Yet another Pixelmon pack… Why?“
We know there are many out there but if you have ever played any other modpack of ours you will know that we have very high standards regarding them and will try to provide you with the best experience possible. The advantage of creating our own pack is that we can update it as we need to, especially regarding server performance and problems that might occur.

It’s not completely done yet but we are certain that it will be ready for the first players soon™! We’ll keep you updated on the progress and are going to let you know when the pack and server will be ready when we have more specific dates.

The whole project is under the direction of ManuXz.

Let us know what you think in the comments!