Regarding our Blightfall servers

Because we received so many questions about the status of our Blightfall servers here is our official statement: As many of you have noticed our servers were taken down. We really appreciate the time with you girls and guys we had on our servers but in the end there were so many people abusing stuff […]

Blightfall update! Again?

Blightfall got an update last night (again). The good news we got all our servers up to date for you guys and girls! We hope you can enjoy playing. Let us know any bug or error you find here. Our Blightfall servers on version 2.1.2: Blightfall-alpha Server IP: [public] Blightfall-bravo Server IP: [whitelisted]* Blightfall-charlie Server IP: [whitelisted]* Blightfall-delta Server IP: [whitelisted]* […]

What’s happening to the Blightfall-Alpha (Public) server?

As some of you may have noticed our Blightfall-Alpha server has been reset last night (19.08.2015 – 23:00 – CEST). Why did we do that (again)? We reset the alpha server again because of too much griefing / raiding in the last week. Basically everything that makes the Blightfall pack what it is was destroyed by […]

What’s going on?

Hey there, we haven’t given you status updates for some time so here we go: We have started hosting more Technic modpacks recently and are currently hosting 6 modded servers: Blightfall Ares Warfare LNG – Realistic Minecraft Project Sunrise Unlimited SS – Evolution Dark Ages One of the top pick’s is the new Blightfall pack, […]