Our servers are hosted at the Hetzner Online AG, one of Germany's leading server providers.

All our applications run on dedicated Root servers which are located in Falkenstein, Germany. Our servers are each connected to a 960 Gbit Backbone with a peak bandwidth of 1 GBit/s upstream and 1 GBit/s downstream.

Our servers use 8x RAM 8192 MB DDR3 RAM (64 GB total) each, powered by Intel Core i7-3930 (6 Core / 12 Threads | 3.8 GHz turbo boost) processors.

For our data storage we use two 3 TB SATA drives connected in a Software-Raid Type 1, SSD storage for fast game servers / databases / websites and two 3 TB SATA drives for additional file storage.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our players with a lag free and smooth gaming experience.