We run our own independent and open Teamspeak 3 server. The server is hosted in Germany and available 24/7/365, offers you a variety of prepared channels as well as the ability to create your own custom subchannels to privately chat with your friends. Voice encryption is enabled for all channels and we respect your privacy. We strive to keep the server as updated as possible and currently run version 3.2.0+, backwards compatible with any TS3 client version from the past years.

Our security level is set to 20 to avoid people from spamming and repeatedly doing bad stuff. We have an active admin team which is online and available at almost any time. Don’t hesitate to contact us on our Teamspeak 3 server if anything is wrong or to report malicious users.

Use the below IP to join or click the picture to immediate connect to our server.



Why use our TS3 server?

  • 24/7/365 for the past 6+ years
  • Licensed server, 64 slots
  • Custom subchannels
  • Hosted with love in Germany, obeying German data policies and law
  • Freedom of speech
  • Active admin team
  • Open for anyone
  • Rules: Be kind, use common sense, have fun!

Any questions or concerns? Get in contact with us, either on our Teamspeak server or via our contact page!