Our new protection system is out! We hope this makes the Biodome distribution a little easier for our players.

Please read the whole page carefully!

Currently it works really simple:

When you join a new Blightfall server you can’t directly access the Biodomes crystals on the Jaded. First of all you need to join a team with /teamUp [TEAMNAME] – This will teleport you to the associated crystal and you can start playing just like normal. This choice is permanent and cannot be undone, keep that in mind!

The available teamnames are Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Gamma, Omega

Upon joining the server you are presented with a list of teams in the chat. You can review the teams list at any time with /listTeam

To get back to your teams Biodome you can use /teamPort at any time!

What’s the benefit of this procedure?

Before this addition any other team could raid a Biodome and destroy stuff / do anything to harm other teams. With our mod this is not possible anymore: Your decision in the beginning will determine your team affiliation and this will allow you (and your teammates) to build in your teams pod, with all your teammates together and will prevent any raid / grief from other teams.

When you got back aboard the Jaded, simply use this crystal in the „Warp Chamber“ to get back to your Biodome:


Got any problems?

Common mistakes:

  • Make sure to use/teamUp [TEAMNAMEwith a uppercase U
  • You died right after joining a pod and have no home point / no teammate you can teleport to using /tpa [NAME]? — Use /teamPort to get back to your Biodome!