Adventure Craft

Steve’s Adventure Pack: Adventure like Steve! Whether you want to cast spell’s or build awesome machines, Steve’s Adventure Pack has it for you, fight bosses, raid epic dungeons, make machines or fight with other players on the integrated server. It’s all your choice! And yes you heard right, the official server comes directly integrated into the modpack.


We also provide forums for this modpack, so if you encounter a problem or want to get in contact with other players make sure to check them out.

Some screenshots of the pack:

2016-06-11_14.53.472016-06-11_14.42.572016-06-11_14.48.142016-06-11_14.44.392016-06-11_14.48.23 2016-06-11_14.54.11

  • Shogan X

    Where can I download this pack? I got the server files downloaded and running but my freinds and I don’t seem to be able to download the modpack itself, the tekkit website says that the modpack is disabled, help?

  • TheBluespirit

    I can’t join the server… It says „ Connection refused: no further information:“

    • Bent

      Hey there, please try restarting your game including your Technic Launcher. If this does not help, restart your modem and restart your computer. Let us know if you still cannot join the server.

      • TheBluespirit

        it works now thanks!

      • TheBluespirit

        It helped, thanks!

      • EnderNine

        Please help, I have tried everything you suggested^. I still cant join
        Never mind it works now

        • Bent

          Hey there, so I can see this as „resolved“? Mostly a complete restart of your modem and computer helps. If all of this does not, backing up all your worlds and waypoints from the pack and completely deleting it + reinstalling it fixes it 😉

          If you have more questions and problems, feel free to join our forums: