Merry Christmas 2023

This year has been eventful like every other year. We (Ender Hosting / Unitedworldminers) have been ever evolving internally due to new interesting challenges and opportunities. I have noticed we did not post in 2022 but this shall not mean that we are gone, we are far from gone!

Internally we have been mostly focused on our customers projects under the label ‚Ender Solutions‘ which is our main activity nowadays. Everything under the label ‚Ender Games‘ and Unitedworldminers (formally) is a hobby project for the community which we see no end in the near or far future.

Thank you for staying with us and your support, we wish you a Merry Christmas 2023!

We’d really happy if you give us a visit and have a chat on our Teamspeak 3 Server ( or on our Discord!