Power outage at Hetzner

Due to a major power outage at ‚Hetzner Online‘, the company hosting our physical servers some of our services are down.
The issue started today at 11:27 CEST (20180524).

Current status: (20180524 15:49 CEST)

hv01-de-fs.unitedworldminers.com – DOWN/FAILURE

hv02-de-fs.unitedworldminers.com – UP/OK

hv03-de-fs.unitedworldminers.com – UP/OK

Affected gameservers:

  • DuzNovus
  • UWM-Space Exploration
  • FTB Ultimate
  • GT New Horizon

This also affects our mail delivery. We currently can’t receive or send emails.

We are doing our best to get all services back up and running as soon as possible.

Official information from Hetzner can be found here.