Happy New Year – 2020

EnderIO wishes you a happy new year!

Aside from a new year, we are starting into a new decade – a new decade full of opportunities, change and development.

This year we are looking back onto a year of steady growth of our Teamspeak community as well as an awesome, sunny annual team meetup here in Bavaria, Germany.

This year was packed with work for the whole team, leaving little time for gaming ourselves or building servers for you. Nonetheless we offered a few small events and have been putting a lot of effort into our Pure Vanilla server. Aside from that there have been multiple smaller Minecraft projects and servers that were sent live this year.

Our plans for the upcoming year evolve around launching new services for the community as well as further optimizing our back-end software / hardware so your experience using any of our services will be flawless.

I – Bent, the owner of this ‚Project‘ thank my whole team for their dedication and all the effort put into ‚keeping things running‘ and keeping up with all difficulties we hit this year, especially the lack of time due to our personal life’s.

I espacially thank Yannick, Sebastian, Martin, Nico, Manuel, Tim (x2). Without you all of this would not have been possible to do since 2012. I am looking forward to keep talking, working and celebrating with all of you in the future and try my best to improve my time management this year šŸ˜‰

I guess we also have some explaining to do:

What you might have noticed over the past 6 months is that we have been using the name ‚EnderIO‘ more and more in our services – the reason behind this is a rebranding of our commercial part. In the past ‚Unitedworldminers‘ has been used to reference mainly our gaming community and Teamspeak server. Under the same name (Unitedworldminers) we have been offering hosting services for the community over the years – this part, the commercial part is being phased out into it’s own domain, ‚EnderIO‘ to avoid any confusion in the future.

Unitedworldminers, our community, you – all this will stay as it is and be continued into the next decade – EnderIO will become our hosting segment to help fund our operation in the upcoming years and thus open up new possibilities.

To make things a bit more complicated we also have EnderGames (ender.games) – which is just our domain for our game servers: short, simple, ‚cool‘.

So in short we use three different names:

  • Unitedworldminers (unitedworldminers.com) – our community (gameservers, teamspeak, Discord, etc.)
  • EnderIO (ender.io) – our commercial hosting part
  • EnderGames (ender.games) – domain used for our gameservers

We hope this helps explaining the different departments of our project. After all, keep in mind we are ‚just‘ people like yourself that are working here in the background. We are humans, no machines and no giant cooperation. Our goal is to be as human, kind and transparent as possible. Anyone can have a chat with us, just join us on our Teamspeak server, IP: ts.ender.io (click me) or contact us via our contact form.

And now let’s celebrate 2020!