Regarding our Blightfall servers

Because we received so many questions about the status of our Blightfall servers here is our official statement:
As many of you have noticed our servers were taken down. We really appreciate the time with you girls and guys we had on our servers but in the end there were so many people abusing stuff in the pack, griefing and destroying claimed stuff. This was not just bad for the honest players but also created loads of work for us the server team. We do all we do in our spare time and earn no money with this (which was or will ever be our intention). But our time is also limited because of school, work, university and most important our private life. In the last hours of our Blightfall servers all the above suffered because it took us many hours every day to help our users as much as possible, maintain the root server to grant a suitable performance and answer hundreds of tickets from our ticket system. This was not possible to keep up as people started doing the bad stuff mentioned above so we silently closed down the server to get some „air“ for other stuff.
But what does that mean now?

We really would like to re-open our Blightfall servers again but with a new concept which tries to avoid all these bad things and provide you with the „vanilla Blightfall experience“ that you know from the single player, with the simple difference that you can play together with your friends and all the people who enjoy the pack as much as you do. Because this is not a thing to realize in a few minutes, hours or even days it’s taking so long for us to make progress. As I mentioned before we also have a private life outside of the Minecraft / Internet world so our time budget we can spend is not unlimited. We could simply release a server like before which would take just a few seconds to setup but this will end in a completely destroyed server within days again, so we need to develop something to avoid this. And this is exactly what we are doing in the mean time, we invest time in developing a mod that takes care of balancing stuff out and protecting stuff from being raided and griefed. So yes development is going on but silently in the background.
Some words about other servers:
There are currently many in my opinion really bad Blightfall servers out there which have torn apart the whole pack and don’t even use the pregenerated map which renders the quest pointless and so the whole Modpack. To extend most servers are completely monetized so they provide players with „donation“ packs which give them advantages ingame –> „Pay2Win“. This is in our definition not just against how Minecraft should be played (100% free!), it is also against the Minecraft EULA and most of the Modders own licenses and so completely illegal! We will never do such stuff, our servers will be completely free at any time. Yes you can help us out with a donation (see the PayPal button in the lower right corner) but this will give you nothing ingame. This is also the definition of a donation (see Wikipedia) not like most servers define this as a „purchase“.

So yeah that’s it for now, I hope this gives you an insight look and makes you understand us better and helps you understand why things seem to be going on so slow. In the mean time you can check out the other packs we host servers for which are going pretty well. Also if you want to help, feel free to contact us, we are open for every new and fresh idea that could help us improving the future gameplay. Make sure to check out our forums too where you can apply for staff.
Best regards,
The Unitedworldminers team