Merry Christmas 2020

The Ender.IO / Unitedworldminers team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! We hope you can safely spend some time with your loved ones while socially distancing as much as possible. It’s tough we know that. We are looking forward towards a year of change and improvement. We hope the worlds situation changes to a better one […]

October Newsletter

Howdy everyone, yup autumn has been approaching fast and here in Germany, leaves are already falling. It has been quiet the past few weeks here. The cause of this is that I am currently really busy with university and work which does not leave much time communicating with you, the community. (currently typing this in […]

Some statistics

Hey there people, just as a quick notice, the amount of players that are almost constantly on is increasing every day. We are working hard in the background to tweak all settings possible to provide the best possible performance to you! See the image below for some infos: Have fun playing!

Website design under progress

As you most likely have seen, we have been doing some major changes to our website design. But this is not the end, more changes coming soon. Stay tuned for 2016. Let us know what you think about the design in the comments below.

Regarding our Blightfall servers

Because we received so many questions about the status of our Blightfall servers here is our official statement: As many of you have noticed our servers were taken down. We really appreciate the time with you girls and guys we had on our servers but in the end there were so many people abusing stuff […]

Discord @ Unitedworldminers!

Hey Guys and Girls, it has been some time since we last posted here. We got our own Discord channel up and running. If you want to get in touch with us feel free to join our channels. Currently our servers are running smoothly and we don’t change too much. We do regular updates and do […]

Status Update 20 Juli 2015

Was geht grade im Unitedworldminers Team ab? Zurzeit arbeiten wir an mehreren Projekten gleichzeitig: Zum einen laufen unsere Modded Server Unlimited und Techy wie gewohnt und ohne Zwischenfälle. Das nächste größere Unlimited Update wird wohl in den kommenden Tagen veröffentlicht. Zum anderen arbeiten ich (FlatronEZ) und owieganowie zurzeit an einem Let’s Play zum FTB Horizons pack, […]