Lag fix Tekkit Legends server

We noticed that the Tekkit Legends server was undergoing severe lag which rendered the server un-playable.

After some investigation we found out that the reason for this lag was the Logistic Pipes mod. This mod uses an recursive algorithm to detect connected pipes, crossings and containers (e.g. machines, chests, …).

Even though we really like the mod, we had to disable it because of the unhandable amount of lag it creates. We are talking about using four CPU cores of a Intel i7-3930k @ 3.8 GHz 24/7 while having a unplayable experience.

Please use something else for transporting items, e.g. Buildcraft Pipes (BC Transport).

We know that this is not a perfect solution but without this no one could play on the server anymore.

„Nah I don’t accept, it works perfect in my client / singleplayer world!“ – Yes because on your singleplayer world only your house is there, not the other 200+ bases with tech setups, all running at once.

Some more info / graphics:

Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-02-03 08-07-24

Update Time (Tick Time) in milliseconds. Lower is better, all above 50 ms means lag.