Technic Platform update! (v2.1.0)

Hey there, it has been a long time since our last post but I’d like to tell you something which we think is awesome today. The Technic Team has been updating the Technic Platform after about 6 months of zero information and zero changes. We are looking forward to see what has changed / improved and […]

Lag fix Tekkit Legends server

We noticed that the Tekkit Legends server was undergoing severe lag which rendered the server un-playable. After some investigation we found out that the reason for this lag was the Logistic Pipes mod. This mod uses an recursive algorithm to detect connected pipes, crossings and containers (e.g. machines, chests, …). Even though we really like […]

Technic Platform down

As many of you might have noticed the Technic Pages including all backend services that the Technic Launcher uses are down since more than 36 hours. The attack also causes problems with the Technic Laucher, so please note that Modpacks might not be installable or playable. The reason for this is a major DDoS attack […]