Lag fix Tekkit Legends server

We noticed that the Tekkit Legends server was undergoing severe lag which rendered the server un-playable. After some investigation we found out that the reason for this lag was the Logistic Pipes mod. This mod uses an recursive algorithm to detect connected pipes, crossings and containers (e.g. machines, chests, …). Even though we really like […]

Tekkit Legends 1.1.1 update

We updated our server to the latest Tekkit Legends update, version 1.1.1! Changelog: Modular Powersuits has been updated to version Logistics Pipes has been updated to version Buildcraft has been updated to version 7.1.14. Buildcraft Compat has been updated to version 7.1.3. IC2 Classic has been updated to version IC2 Nuclear Control […]

Tekkit Legends

Hey guys and girls, because of a fault on our side some plugin data has been reset at ~ 10:37 CEST – 20.10.2015. This means that your home points, claims and ingame money might have been reset. Please immediately set a new home point (/sethome [NAME]) at your base when you log in and check if your claim […]

Second Tekkit Legends server!

Hey Guys and Girls, because of the overwhelming demand for our Tekkit Legends server we decided to open another server for you! Stay tuned on our news pages to be the first that joins and get an exclusive starter kit! Want to get involved in our team? Send us suggestions and/or apply for staff in […]

Tekkit Legends server maintenance

We will post updates here on how the maintenance is. Please check back. Maintenance started – 26.09.2015 – 02:29 CEST Started prerendering world – 26.09.2015 – 02:38 CEST Doing some testing in the meantime Prerendering world at ~30% – 26.09.2015 – 02:43 CEST Prerendering world at ~70% – 26.09.2015 – 03:01 CEST Prerendering world completed ~70% – 26.09.2015 – […]

Blightfall and Tekkit Legends

Hey Guys and Girls, it has been some time I posted last. Currently we have a lot of work to do in our private life, as well as regarding our Minecraft servers. Many people have been asking about our Blightfall servers: We have not forgotten about them! We are still working on it but this […]