Tekkit Legends

Hey guys and girls,

because of a fault on our side some plugin data has been reset at ~ 10:37 CEST – 20.10.2015. This means that your home points, claims and ingame money might have been reset.

Please immediately set a new home point (/sethome [NAME]) at your base when you log in and check if your claim is still there (you can use a feather for this). Some ranks might also be missing after this, of course you will get your moderator rank back, please let us know here if you are missing your moderator rank.

If you cannot get to your base, please open the minimap with m and search for your base there. All regions that you have visited before are rendered and so you should be able to see your base in the rendered area and get back to it, the vanilla Minecraft way, running!

With all that hassle no world data has been lost so everything you build is still there.

We really apologize for our mistake and do our best to avoid such things in the future.

If you have any questions or run into any issue let us know via a support ticket.

To compensate the loss of claimblocks and money, you get 1500 extra claim blocks plus 500$ ingame money if you vote.

To the builders of the awesome shop building near the spawn, please contact us, we claimed your area so it is not griefed! We will transfer the claim as fast as possible when you contact us!

Best regards,

The server team!