Blightfall and Tekkit Legends

Hey Guys and Girls,

it has been some time I posted last. Currently we have a lot of work to do in our private life, as well as regarding our Minecraft servers. Many people have been asking about our Blightfall servers: We have not forgotten about them! We are still working on it but this needs some time. We want to implement an admin shop in the space ship to be able to buy limited resources with ingame money (only ingame money!) so if something was raided / farmed from the limited world, you can still continue the quest line!

Another project we just started yesterday is our unofficial Tekkit Legends server for the all new Modpack from the Technic Pack creators. I think this pack is an awesome opportunity for all Tekkit Classic players, even though it lacks some technical mods, but I think they will work that out. If you like, check out our server IP:

Have fun in the meantime! If you got any questions let us know!