Millenaire Server back up online

Hey Millenaires, as you might have noticed, the Modern Millenaire server has been down this evening for about 3 hours. Nobody has sent us a support ticket so we recognized the incident a few hours late. We have been restarting the server and apologize for the downtime. The Server was „hanging“ / not responding anymore. […]

Moddern Millenaire server problems

The Moddern Millenaire server is up and running again. We apologize for the downtime.  If this happens again, please send us a ticket, even though crash detection algorithms are implemented in our systems they sometimes fail. We are no wizards that can see if a server has crashed immediately.

Moddern Millenaire hot-fix update

Today we released a hot-fix update for the Moddern Millenaire Modpack. With the hot-fix we removed the Wintercraft mod from the pack, which caused many issues and was not liked by the community. As the removal of the Wintercraft mod is the only change in the update, we will not be forcing everybody to […]

Moddern Millenaire connection issues

We apologize for the server problems today. The Moddern Millenaire server went into a zombie stateat around 14:00 CET for several hours and was not reachable. We are investigating on this issue and do our best to fix it soon. If this happens again, please let us know directly via a support ticket so we can […]

Moddern Millenaire timeouts

We received several emails about timeout issues on our Moddern Millenaire server. One of the reasons for the timeouts was the „Aroma Backup“ mod on another server we host, this mod was creating high IO load on our HDD’s. We decided to migrate our Moddern Millenaire server to our SSD root server as soon as […]

Modern Millenaire Update

Today we update the Modern Millenaire Modpack and Server! This update includes Thermal Expansion, MrCrafish’s Furniture Mod, More Galacticraft planets as well as updates of already existing mods in the pack. With the update we will reset the Mining world too. You can access the previous Mining world with /warp prevmine If you encounter issues, send […]

Modern Millenaire Christmas update!

Today we did update our Modern Millenaire server and pack to version! This update is a major overhaul of the pack. Additionally with this general update, we added some mods to get you into Christmas mood. The whole world is now covered in beautiful white snow and ice. You also can decorate your house […]