Modern Millenaire Update

Today we update the Modern Millenaire Modpack and Server! This update includes Thermal Expansion, MrCrafish’s Furniture Mod, More Galacticraft planets as well as updates of already existing mods in the pack. With the update we will reset the Mining world too. You can access the previous Mining world with /warp prevmine

If you encounter issues, send us a support ticket. If you don’t see nei (Not Enough Items) please open your inventory and press ‚o‘. Full changelog can be found below the images.

Main Features of this update:

millenaire_2.2.1.0_thermalexpThermal Expansion


MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

2015-12-24_03.33.44New mining world

millenaire_2.2.1.0_galacticrMore Galacticraft Planets

Full Changelog:

  • Updated cofhcore-3.1.0B-321
  • Updated computercraft-1.75
  • Updated forge-1.7.10-
  • Updated galacticraftcore-
  • Updated galacticraftplanets-
  • Updated industrialcraft2-2.2.810
  • Updated journeymap-5.1.3
  • Updated micdoodlecore-
  • Added minefactory-reloaded-2.8.1B-168
  • Added more-planets-1.3.0-Pre6
  • Added more-planets-asm-1.0.0
  • Added mrcrayfishfurnituremod-3.4.8
  • Updated storage-drawers-1.7.5
  • Added thermalexpansion-4.1.0B-234
  • Added thermalfoundation-1.2.1-109