We’re back!

Hey there, after more than a month without an update, I would like to tell you what’s been going on behind the curtains:

In the past month we got to meet up with a vanilla server team who migrated their server to our hardware. Maybe there will be a new information page on this website, where you can get in touch with them and find some information about their server.

The project Sunrise Ultimate Modpack has not gotten an update recently because the number of players that are currently playing the pack is very low. So there won’t be an update anytime soon. We won’t take down the pack either.

In the background we are working on a new pack that has similar mod collection like the Ultimate Pack, but that is a little easier šŸ˜‰ We’ll give you more updates soon, so stay tuned!

In the next few days I will set up a newsletter system so you can always stay up to date.

Unfortunately we had some problems with our support ticket system so I had to remove the form from this page and just give you an email address. Sorry for this but the problems source is Google’s mail / spam filtering system.


The Unitedworldminers Team!