We’re back!

Hey there, after more than a month without an update, I would like to tell you what’s been going on behind the curtains: In the past month we got to meet up with a vanilla server team who migrated their server to our hardware. Maybe there will be a new information page on this website, […]

Server maintenance [Update1]

Server maintenance is almost complete. We are heavily working since 04:15 getting all setup right right now. What’s running right now: Blog Teamspeak Project Sunrise Ultimate Server Vanilla Server

Fixed lag problem

Today we have finally been able to fix the lag problems on our Project Sunrise Ultimate server. The lags should be less now but they might occur again over time so we got an eye on that. Try to avoid building all your machines in one chunk, this creates severe server load.  Please keep these rules […]

MiningWorld reset | Homepage update

The MiningWorld has been reset today and is now open for you to mine! The server will start an automated render job today (26.01.2015) at 05:30 till ~08:30. Please keep in mind that the server will have severe lag at this time. We have updated our homepage, the following is assumed to be common knowledge to all […]

New Modpack Link

We finally were able to change our Project Sunrise Ultimate 2 back to Project Sunrise Ultimate,  unfortunately you need to install the new version from our Technicpack page. To install the new version you need to have your Technic Launcher open and click on INSTALL THIS MODPACK. To keep all your data from the old modpack (e.g. […]

Removing Gravestone Mod

We have been removing the Gravestone Mod since it was producing 4626 times the lag of 95% our mods together. Please keep in mind that your inventory is not stored in a gravestone for now. We will try to find a better coded replacement for this mod. To reduce the lag for everybody, please try to keep […]

Project Sunrise Update v. 1.5.8.x

Added Plantmegapack v. 4.15-1230 Added Schematica v. Added BetterRain v. 0.15 [Optional -> Please give us feedback] Added BetterTitleScreen v. 1.1 Added DecoCraft v. 1.11 Added LunatriusCore v. [Schematica dependency] Added Opis to v. 1.2.3 [Admins only] Added Harvestcraft v. 1.7.10f Added Morpheus v. 1.5.26 [Accidentially removed] A lots of bugfixes (eg. Bedrock Springboots) […]

TechnicLauncher 4.0 Problems

Since the Technicpack Website has been updated on the 25. December some users encounter problems using the new Technic Launcher 4.0 with our Ultimate pack. As a temporary fix we have created a new Modpack named Project Sunrise Ultimate 2 that works with the new launcher. We will migrate our "old" Project Sunrise Ultimate Modpack to the new […]

Technic Platform 2.0

Vor ungefähr einem Monat wurde die Beta Version der neuen Technic Platform released. Zu finden ist die neue Website hier. Die neue Beta Seite unseres Modpacks findet ihr hier. Wenn ihr den neuen Technic Laucher ausprobieren wollt, findet ihr die aktuelle Version für Windows, Mac und Linux hier. Einfach die passende Version herunterladen und ausführen. Alle vorherigen Packs […]