UWM goes Steam

Hello everyone, next to our Facebook page, our Forum, a channel on Twitch and a Twitter account we now have another place to meet and communicate. We created a Steam group everyone is invited to join: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/uwm-gaming/ We created this group to make it easier for you to play other games, apart from Minecraft, together with […]

New Minecraft Server coming soon™: PokeUnited

Hey there, Pokémon trainers! We are very happy to announce that we are currently working on a new server: It will be a Pixelmon server and we are creating a new, custom modpack for it as well. „Ohh… Yet another Pixelmon pack… Why?“ We know there are many out there but if you have ever […]

Video series for Novus

Hey Guys and Girls, Maybe you want to check out our Novus Bevo Let’s Play Series by Magic Gaming If you like the series and if you want to play this pack by yourself, then please also take a look on our Servers Novus [Bevo] Finally don’t forget to follow Magic Gaming Your Unitedworldminers Team


Hello Guys and Girls, We’re back from our great server Meeting We were working a lot together Second Row : xF4m3, Moredir, Brainbrasher, MadddinTribleD, ManuXz, Nato_2550, Darkphinx First Row : FlatronEZ, Sebigamer4, Saphira_1, IManuI but we also had fun and enjoyed our time together In the end, we had a great Weekend looking forward to […]

Technic has been hacked (a bit)

Scroll down for updates! One of our scripts which periodically checks if the Tekkit Legends modpack has been updated has been going crazy last night. So when I woke up, I got about 100+ mails that there has been an update. This led me into doing some research so I opened up technicpack.net which presented me this: which in […]

Technic Platform update! (v2.1.0)

Hey there, it has been a long time since our last post but I’d like to tell you something which we think is awesome today. The Technic Team has been updating the Technic Platform after about 6 months of zero information and zero changes. We are looking forward to see what has changed / improved and […]

Some statistics

Hey there people, just as a quick notice, the amount of players that are almost constantly on is increasing every day. We are working hard in the background to tweak all settings possible to provide the best possible performance to you! See the image below for some infos: Have fun playing!

Happy Easter 2016!

The Unitedworldminers Team wishes you a happy easter and a lot of fun on this weekend! We hope you enjoy our service and have a good time gaming with other people around the world.  Our team is currently searching for easter eggs so we might reply alittle later than usually to our support tickets 😉