Fixed lag problem

Today we have finally been able to fix the lag problems on our Project Sunrise Ultimate server. The lags should be less now but they might occur again over time so we got an eye on that. Try to avoid building all your machines in one chunk, this creates severe server load.  Please keep these rules in mind to lower the load on the server:

  • No insane animal farms (you don’t need 100+ animals)
  • Don’t build all machines in one chunk from bedrock to sky limit
  • If there is something that has not necessarily to be turned on –> turn it off
  • Don’t drop hundreds or more items on the ground, build yourself a cheap trashcan
  • Don’t let your machines produce a overflow
  • Try to not use chunk-loading if you are not on the server

The End and the Nether have been reset so if you’ve lost something, tell us via a support ticket or on our Teamspeak Server.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Thanks in advance!