If you would like to support us covering our hosting costs you can help by donating some money. All donations will be used to pay for our servers and to improve the gaming experience on our network.

Donating is possible by using the following PayPal button: [paypal_donation_button]

Every donation is greatly welcome!


Every donator who plays on one of our Minecraft servers we host will receive a [Donator] rank which adds some cosmetic extras that are not available for everybody like the /hat command, /nick, /ptime, /near as well as getting additional home points.

We do our best to provide our donators with more features but according to the Minecraft EULA for commercial use (which we comply with) only 'cosmetic' features are allowed, none of them should provide one player with an unreasonable advantage.

Additionally to this every donator will get the [Donator] badge on our Teamspeak server as well a donator rank in our forums.