CoreIO released

A new version of CoreIO has been released. This is the first version that uses BaseIO as a dependency. So many things have been changed so I’ll just put the command list here:

/rain, /storm, /sun, /warp, /setwarp, /delwarp, /tpa, /tpaall, /tpahere, /tpdeny, /tpaccept, /day, /night, /setspawn, /spawn, /home, /sethome, /delhome, /sendhome, /gm, /adventure, /creative, /survival, /gmt, /back, /break, /crontab, /feed, /fly, /god, /heal, /inventory, /invsee, /jump, /kickall, /kit, /lightning, /mods, /more, /motd, /mute, /muteglobal, /near, /nick, /ontime, /ping, /pvp, /rules, /seen, /servermotd, /serverstats, /sudo, /suicide, /tempban, /top, /tpx, /vanish, /workbench

If you really want the extended edition of the changes look here.
The mod’s project site can be found here.
The latest versions can be found here.
Issues can be found here.

This mod and all the upcoming mods (-> are open to use on other modpacks and servers. Go to the Curse page for licensing.