Merry Christmas 2018

The Unitedworldminers / EnderIO team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! We are looking forward towards a year of change. In an upcoming post we will explain what is changing, why and how this will affect our community. In the meantime I’d recommend check out our last years Christmas present to the community here.

Moddern Millenaire timeouts

We received several emails about timeout issues on our Moddern Millenaire server. One of the reasons for the timeouts was the „Aroma Backup“ mod on another server we host, this mod was creating high IO load on our HDD’s. We decided to migrate our Moddern Millenaire server to our SSD root server as soon as […]

Server Lag? Why is that so?

Hey there we haven’t posted anything in the last week but we are still here so whats happening? We have been started hosting new servers and dropped some old servers. Our currently most used server does belong to the awesome Aphmau’s – Minecraft Diaries + Modpack. The user base is so overwhelming that we had to open […]

Project Sunrise Unlimited (What’s that?!)

Hey there, we are currently testing the successor to our Project Sunrise Ultimate modpack. In the past week we have changed the name from DireGreg15 to a more decent Project Sunrise Unlimited (short „Unlimited“ or „Sunrise Unlimited„) ! The alpha / beta phase however you might call it runs smooth. There are only some recipe changes […]