Minecraft Diaries update 1.8

Hey Guy’s and Girl’s, today we update the Minecraft Diaries Modpack to version 1.8. Thanks to the great communication between us and the Modpack creator Nimoy, this update went really smooth and took less than five minutes. Have fun playing and enjoy the new mods, here is the changelog: Added Hardcore Questing Mode – 4.2.4 (Quest […]

Aphmau’s – Minecraft Diaries Alpha

Our Aphmau’s – Minecraft Diaries Alpha server is back up online. We apologize for the inconvenience and do our best to avoid such incidents in the future. The problem was a faulty mod that send the server in a „zombie process“ state that is uncontrollable. Our web panel tried to automatically restart the server after this „crash“ […]

Server Lag? Why is that so?

Hey there we haven’t posted anything in the last week but we are still here so whats happening? We have been started hosting new servers and dropped some old servers. Our currently most used server does belong to the awesome Aphmau’s – Minecraft Diaries + Modpack. The user base is so overwhelming that we had to open […]