Why do we get timeouts?

This mostly occurs due to heavy server-load created by large structures. Try to build as efficient as as possible. If you think the timeouts are caused by an internal error of our servers, please send us a support ticket.

The Server crashed and no admin is online, what should I do?

Our server is programmed to boot automatically 10 minutes after a crash. If the server is still not online 30 minutes after the crash then create a support ticket to reach an administrator.

Why is NEI not available/activated?

To activate NEI you need to Press „o“ in your inventory to open it.

How to start with Gregtech?

It is highly recommended to read the Gregtech Survival Guide first. This guide will help you to learn about the world of Gregtech.

Why can’t I mine Iron?

It is not possible to mine Iron Ore with a Stone Pickaxe. For your first Iron you need a Flint Pickaxe.

Which items are blocked?

Everything that can’t be crafted.

How can I convert XYZ Cobblestone to vanilla Cobblestone?

Take four other Cobblestones and put them into your crafting field. Done!

The Modpack crashes on startup, what should I do now?

Because the modpack has many mods to load, it needs a lot of memory. If you have read the Install instructions right, you shouldn’t be here. To fix this issue, make sure that the modpack can use at least 2 GB of RAM (4+ GB are better 2). You can do this by starting your launcher and click the gear in the top right and select more RAM under the memory dropdown menu. Now restart the modpakc and see if it works.

Is there a texturepack available for the Project Sunrise Modpack?

Yes there is, you can get it here!

Why does the Server Lagg every X Seconds/Minutes/Hours?

Even if we as a admin team try everythin to get the server as lagg free as possible, is it possible that laggs appear where we can’t do anything about, because we don’t know where this is coming from. To reduce lags for other users and yourself, you should build as resource gently as you can.

Why is Mod XYZ not installed?

We as a server team are open for suggestions. Even thought we can not fulfill every suggestion. The reasons for that can be Versatile.

I want to be an Admin/ OP rights.

We as a server team decide how we want as an admin and when we want him/her, asking or begging doesn’t get you anywhere, except to the lower end of the list.

Where can I vote for the Server?

On our Technic Platform page!

I found a recipe that is not working / shown!

Tell us on our Teamspeak server or send us a support ticket!

How can I contact the Server Team?

You need to create a new support ticket. There you can inform us about technical issues, suggestions concerning the modpacks or other requests concerning the server.